What is ICE-Ai?

Extracting data from complex and unstructured documents can be simplified with ICE-Ai, a solution built on AI platform to automate document processing. About 80% of all business data is in unstructured formats and extraction of data from these documents is a labour-intensive and repetitive task that affects the productivity of employees. ICE-Ai serves as an effective solution to remove the bottleneck areas in document processing and transform business operations.

Leveraging the power of AI technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) ICE-Ai is a smarter, efficient, and cost-effective solution for processing and extracting data semi-structured and unstructured documents and automate decision making.


ICE-Ai is a sophisticated Intelligent Document Processing Solution that can eliminate the inefficiencies in document processing and automate decision making. By extracting usable information from unstructured and semi-structured data at a faster rate with reduced cost, ICE-Ai significantly improves the efficiency of the organization.


Intelligently extracts important data from unstructured documents thus eliminating the process of time-consuming manual handling of documents.


AI assisted automated decision making for faster and accurate results and accelerated business processes.


Enables Advanced Data Search and Retrieval Module for extracted and processed information for further applications.


Explore the various ICE-Ai products designed to simplify and automate industry-specific processes. Learn more about how different ICE-Ai products digitize document processing for faster and better outcomes in various industries.


Automate the processing of Insurance claims and achieve higher levels of operational efficiency.

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Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Enhance business performance by automating processing of huge volumes of documents.

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Banking & Finance

Make better decisions, improve productivity, and optimize process across the supply value chain.

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Provide the best healthcare with automated document processing and accurate decision making.

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Legal & Administration

Automate legal operations, reduce errors, and efficiently manage critical and sensitive information.

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