The Legal Industry receives a ton of documents from multiple sources and performs a lot of administrative tasks. Many organizations still rely on manual-driven processes. Employees who carry out document processing find it monotonous and time-consuming. To gather important data, employees need to go through huge volumes of unstructured and semi-structured documents. This is an exhaustive process that is error-prone and affects the efficiency of business processes. Automating document processing is the only effective solution to solve these operational challenges. ICE-Ai Legal helps organizations intelligently classify and extract crucial data from any kind of unstructured document with minimal human intervention and automates decision-making.


Intelligent Data Extraction

Extracts and classifies key information from data collected from different sources with speed and accuracy.

Ai Based Decision Automation

AI technology validates the information and reduces review time to increase the efficiency of processes.

Advanced Data Search

Quick access to volumes of extracted data is made possible with the Advanced Data Search and Retrieval Module.


ICE-Ai enables legal professionals to focus on bigger and serious tasks and relieve them from spending their precious time on administrative tasks. Activities that hinder the productivity of professionals can be automated with ICE-Ai and it can take care of time-consuming tasks such as contract review for identifying risk factors. ICE-Ai Legal increases productivity, automates decision-making, and streamlines operations.


Accuracy & Efficiency


Reduction In Processing Time Of Documents


Faster Decision-Making


To learn more about the capabilities of ICE-Ai Suite Insurance, see our case studies. These customer stories will tell you how ICE-Ai implementation can transform business processes.


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