From purchase orders, bills, and customs documents to credit memos, shipping notices, and pricing schedules, the Supply Chain Management goes through tons of documents. These documents come through multiple channels and it is a demanding task for the employees to keep track of every information. This is where ICE-Ai SCM can do wonders for your business. From demand forecasting to optimizing the supply chain ICE-Ai can significantly improve the efficiency of the business. It can eliminate the need to rely on several employees for manual entry and processing of documents. Supply chain organizations can reduce the working hours of employees, thereby saving money and effort by adopting ICE-Ai.


Intelligent Data Extraction

Data is intelligently extracted from documents in different formats received from multiple sources.

Ai Based Decision Automation

AI technology helps to make accurate decisions based on various factors like increasing demand, movement of goods, etc.

Advanced Data Search

The extracted and validated information can be looked up and retrieved for any applications.


ICE-Ai is an effective solution to the challenges faced by the Supply Chain Industry. It can increase the productivity of the organization by automating complex tasks of document handling and lift the burden off the employees. Huge volumes of data can be handled with ease, eliminating any kind of inefficiency, and allowing the organization to make better decisions at a faster rate.


Accuracy & Efficiency


Reduction In Processing Time Of Documents


Faster Decision-Making


To learn more about the capabilities of ICE-Ai Suite Insurance, see our case studies. These customer stories will tell you how ICE-Ai implementation can transform business processes.


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